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Band history

Icuc Noni was founded in 2005 as an instrumental trio and evolved into a six person collective. For now the band, characterized by its curiously restless mind, appears to have found its ideal composition and sound.

The name – pronounced as `eesus nonee` – is a neologism that can be defined as `not straightforward, but nevertheless very compelling and enriching`.

The songs are based on solid pop-rock structures, but the sound was fine-tuned over the years via the integration of both jazz and electronic influences.

Without denying the link to the musical ingenuity of Radiohead, Icuc Noni also likes to refer to the contemporary Belgian Jazz scene (e.g. Pierre Van Dormael, Octurn and Aka Moon) as the source of their inspiration.

Travels to Bristol, London, and particularly Berlin initiated the love for electronic music includingBoards of Canada and Ricardo Villalobos.

In 2011, Icuc Noni succeeds to combine these different muses into a coherent and individual sound leaning close to contemporary `indie-tronic`. Or is it alternative rock? Icuc Noni assimilates the best of two worlds: rock that deviates both melodically and rhythmically from the paths most travelled and electronica that lays lightness and texture on a rock background.

This symbiotic character flashes vibrantly through their performances.

Through this character, Icuc Noni represents strong and substantial songs without loosing subtlety: sensitive for nuance, and therefore enchanting, warm without ever becoming easy.

Where will the band`s urge for renewal lead them? Until now it is a mystery, but it seems that they will explore their rightful place. As they say themselves: `Everything is temporary. Nothing is fixed. But it has never been this good as here and now.`

Current band members:

  • Kelly De Brabanter – Vocals
  • Andries De Bock – Vocals & guitar
  • Maarten De Bock -  Vocals, sax, synths & Ableton
  • Bart De Clercq – Guitar
  • Wouter Verstichel – Bass guitar
  • Mortimer De Clercq - Drums & percussion